Everyone is well aware that one’s home is something far different than a house.

is it a thing at all?

what does the word “home” encompass? what does it include?

for many, home produces feelings of warmth, comfort, nostalgia, security

for others it conjures up memories that have long been repressed.

for me, home is a source of light and love. it is grounding and evokes feelings of utter bliss.

my home is not only a place. it includes tranquil mountains and their quaint brooks;

the lush environment and its call to deer, squirrels, foxes, bears, owls;

the orange and red leaves in the fall, enveloping the town in a blanket of fiery hues;

the silent first snow, validating our excitement that winter has finally arrived.

it includes an intimate community of diverse individuals united by their love of the town and each other;

my family sharing our meals after a hectic day apart;

the smell of fresh vegetables roasting in the oven;

the softness of my bed and the gift of its warmth;

all this, and more, constitutes my home–an indefinable term, as it is simply too beautifully complicated to be compressed into a single definition.

home–everything that brings me back to my roots, reminding me that I am never truly alone.

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