Welcome to La Beauté d’Être, French for “the beauty of living.” This is a site whose primary intention is to inspire. I seek to aid others in realizing and celebrating their own self-worth. As a chronic obsessive compulsive perfectionist, I have sought to discover personal worth in external sources–those that possess no value in determining one’s own inner beauty. Grades, thinness, size, and weight became the determining factors for how I valued myself. OCD, anxiety, and an eating disorder resulted, compelling me to reconsider how people of modern society learn to love themselves. I still struggle with this concept, and certainly do not intend to feign perfection, for that is far from the truth. I am not perfect–not even in the slightest bit. All I can hope for is to utilize my experiences to aid others. This blog also acts as an emotional release for me, so I thank you for making this possible and for allowing me to be vulnerable and raw. I want you to know that you are worthy. You are worthy of light, love, joy, and success. You deserve to live the best possible life, and I intend to help you do so by celebrating the miracle of creation that is indeed YOU!