Renaissance Woman

Jennifer King, 49, in her home in Genoa, Nev., on Tuesday Feb. 23. A wife, mother, friend, nurse, travel agent, artist, and student, she truly does it all.
Jennifer helps her daughter, Emma, register for classes after accompanying her to a painful dentist appointment.
Miraculously, Jennifer finds the time to diligently complete her assignments as she pursues her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the University of Nevada, Reno.
Jennifer’s planner always seems to be filled to the brink. In addition to her own hectic schedule, she keeps track of her husband and daughter’s schedules as well.
Jennifer partakes in a well-deserved puzzle–one of her favorite pastimes–in her home in Genoa at the end of a long day.
After embodying all the roles she takes on, Jennifer enjoys a glass of wine to unwind. Tomorrow, she will wake up and selflessly continue to make everyone else’s lives more manageable. A true Renaissance woman, Jennifer’s love and care is an immense gift to anyone lucky enough to know her.

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