You are a Masterpiece


As the first blog post of this site, I thought it would be appropriate to first indicate that this is a safe place–somewhere that welcomes all people. The primary intent of this site is to let all of you know that you are beautiful human beings. Oftentimes people are belittled or made to feel worthless. I want this blog to do exactly the opposite. If you constantly find your triumphs being hastily breezed over, your every setback magnified, I hope this blog will help you find recognition and validation. If you are struggling with a crippling eating disorder and wish to discover a community who understands what you are enduring, I pray that this blog will provide that. If you are intellectually curious but lack a place to discuss and share your ideas, this is the site for you. I mean it when I say that everyone is welcome here. It would be such an honor to have you join me as we explore restaurants and hotels, breathtaking travel destinations, books and movies, art and fashion, recipes, science and math, and everything in between! Here is a place that seeks to celebrate all that makes life worth living–to delve into la beauté d’être, that is, the beauty of living. I want to ignite within you an insatiable curiosity that compels you to learn from each and every experience no matter how seemingly trivial it may be. Learning is the zest of life–it is what adds excitement and adventure. Through this blog, we will learn together, laugh together, cry together, and constantly rediscover our self-worth together. Thank you for being here and please enjoy the journey.

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